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What's New?

    • 03/02/13
    • "We Could Be Arsonists" Video Debut and Remixes!
    • The new Loquat video for "We Could Be Arsonists" debuts this Monday, March 4! Stay tuned. Thanks again to all of our Kickstarter supporters. We couldn't have done it without you. The video was masterminded by producer/director Micah Gendron and features actor/comedian John Ennis from Mr. Show, Walk Hard, and Zodiac.

      The song is a dark and sinister remix of Loquat's "We Could Be Arsonists" by the amazingly talented producer/composer Damian Taylor (Björk, The Killers, Arcade Fire). Get the track now on iTunes!

      Next up, the "Time Bending" remixes from Morgan Page, Dan Sena, and Natem are coming out on March 12 on Beatport and March 26 on iTunes, Amazon, etc. Then stay tuned for the "Rumbling" remixes from Junior Sanchez and Bostich of Nortec Collective in April.

      Love, Loquat

    • 05/20/12
    • Special deal on Amazon!
    • We Could Be Arsonists Loquat is #36 on Amazon's "Outstanding Albums You May Have Missed" list. We Could Be Arsonists is just $6.99 in the MP3 store through the end of May. Check it out here. Just $6.99 through the end of May. Radio KXT 91.7 in Dallas calls it "the summer album you've always dreamed of," and the SF Chronicle says the album "packs several festival-ready moments."

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